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Catfinger |
Hi Marco,
You have a nice site. I love bass players, because I give them a lot of headache when we're trying to play together.
I need transcriptions, for example: Tal Farlow, Al Gaffa, and those old guys that known everything about guitar.Where can I find this?
My best regards!

Thor "CATFINGER" Grunewald
19 January 2004 - Guitar World

11 January 2004 - netherlands

Alan Glick
Your site was recommended to me by a fellow musician. But after seeing all the pro-Saddam links I left the site. I'll find what I'm looking for without patronizing a supporter of mass murder and terror.
19 November 2003

Webmaster comments   Mr. Glick, there are no pro-Saddam links on this site. I looked you up online and apparently you have already been accused of "willful deception" for misquoting the Koran in order to support your thesis that "The WTC attacks are the direct outgrowth of Islam". Source:

Ciao Marco ,
che bello che il tuo sito !!
Da quello di livio sono risalita al tuo ...ho visto le tue foto , sei sempre dolcissimo :)))))
un bacio grande dalla tua cuginetta
A presto Sandra
9 October 2003 - Italy

John Fowles |
Amazing! I got mercy mercy mercy done, its great! Love this guy.
2 October 2003 - UK (Yorkshire)

Mark Newstetter |
Great site.

Just one correction...Your transcripts page lists three Beatles songs under the heading "Paul McCartney", however "Come Together" was written by John Lennon and "Something" was written by George Harrison. "Sgt. Pepper " is a collaborative composition by Lennon and McCartney, though Paul probably was the primary contributor.
18 April 2003 - San Francisco

Webmaster comments   The headings on the transcriptions page only refer to the musician who played the transcribed instrumental part. The songwriting credits are given on the first page of the actual transcriptions.

Bryant |
Nice site! Greetings from a fellow New York session bassist. Thank you for playing Alembic basses~ there are more and more of us! Real tone from a real bass!
1 February 2003 - New York, Seattle, L A, Georgia

greetings from your biggest fan!
you're always beautiful - kisses
25 December 2002 - italy

your biggest fan
wow, you just keep changing this site. i have to look at it more often
6 November 2002 - nyc right now

petra |
ciao marco, sto guardando il tuo sito e le tue foto.....sei un po' cambiato negli ultimi.....toh,8 anni!!!!!!
un salutone,
11 October 2002 - pisa

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